My favourite brand of perfume advert is 'we've hired a very famous actress, shot an expensive 15-minute short film, and had to cut it down to 10 seconds and now it's NONSENSE! Might as well be flashing colours.'

Twin Peaks: The Limited Event Series - A Netflix Original

"It's fascinating that Lynch has destroyed any sense of the episodic television and flattened all tone with too long lingering shots, only punctuated by arbitrary episode breaks."

"No, every Netflix series is like that."


David Lynch is reportedly working on a new Netflix series that will begin production in 2021.

Friday evening virtually listening to lots of great speakers at 'Queer Theory and Intersectionality: Why Tony Blair is Not a Gay Icon', examining the carceral legacy of Blairism on sexual politics, and how to get Blair disbarred and tried for war crimes.


You wouldn't cube a gooding jr

Me: As much as I like Mads, I won't be watching Fantastic Beasts 3. JKR's a transphobe and the previous films were crap any-

[Randoms online]: And justice for J*hn*y D*pp! Boycott Fantastic Beasts!

Me: NO! Not that either! It's radioactive; bury it under concrete for 1000 years

Am I... being dense? Like, I can't tell the difference between Tiers 2 and 3??? I've read this like five times, but they seem to boil down to the same thing?

Kelly Macdonald stop playing cops challenge 2K20


Filming wraps on series six, as first images of Kelly Macdonald as DCI Joanne Davidson are revealed:


Scarjo said she could play male, and Japanese, and kaiju, and giant, and also radioactive and I forgot to mention green and a parent of a little creep kaiju and also a metaphor for war and she just showed up in costume already

My Oscar nom nightmare is encroaching into reality


FYI the soundtrack to the movie just got a nomination...

Jaja Ding Dong indeed.

I'm not sure who has been taking notes from EastEnders and decided that Christmas needed more deadly peril, but it is not appreciated.


Jimmy Somerville never can say goodbye, & every time Macy Gray tries to say goodbye she chokes. They’ve been on this Zoom call for THREE DAYS now


That's because people used to - and still do! - think innocent indulgences from the unworthy will cause society to collapse! (Yes, my PhD research IS pretty wild.)


Hot tip. look up Hugh Grants middle name

Square Enix some time out of their busy schedule of sorta unsuccessfully porting TWEWY to single screen devices to actually make a new TWEWY game.


When you're marrying him at six, killing him by seven and in 'mourning' with his fortune by eight


A little treat for fans of !

Bad TV Impressions: The Crown Season 4

"Divert all non-essential power to the shields"
"UM, excuse me, 'captain', I've just plugged in my phone and it's on 7%, so..."

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