Remember, to ward off an atheist vampire simply hold up Richard Dawkin’s flaccid penis until the monster recoils in terror.

If I were going to create a film within a film that was meant to be a satirical send up of action thrillers, I really couldn't do much better than a Liam Neeson snow plow thriller called Hard Powder.

Ocean's 8 was a very fun movie directed in the most boring way possible. The director clearly had no clue how to make the type of movie he was making.

Showing my daughter Hudson Hawk for the first time. I forgot how absurdly random this entire movie is. She’s enjoying it but has no idea what’s happening.

But the over the top performances of Richard E Grant and Sandra Bernhard are still amazing.

It also violates Checkov’s Gasoline Can. You can’t dowse the house in gas in the 2nd act and not burn it down for the climax.

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Breaking In is the type of home invasion thriller where they clearly weren’t allowed to do any damage to the location.

I am now the Shadow Queen of Pop Culture.

Snyder stans believe audiences only hate his DC films because I told them to.

Ahh, the power of my evil ways.

Turning Point made an account, got dragged, and got booted off before I could join in the fun. :(

Also, still some of the best 3D post conversion I’ve seen.

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‪Saw Ant-Man and the Wasp for the 2nd time. Still totally fun and delightful.‬

There are American soldiers in Afghanistan right now who were too young to even remember 9/11.

I will donate all the lint in my pocket if @benshapiro will debate a squirrel.

Just started watching Channel Zero on Shudder. It's very intriguing.

Alright, time to sink into some Dead by Daylight cosmic horror.

Boost if your favorite thing in life is taking away free speech rights from gamers

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