Trying to find the right place to credit submissions…

On one hand, alt-text feels like it might be *too* hidden? On the other, message text feels like it could tread on the quiet pleasantness of the bot. Is there a better or correct answer? Feedback appreciated! 🙏

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leave at least 20% gratuity or be crushed by a giant succulent

If you love bite-sized pixel toots but loathe reliable frequency or subject matter, have I got a deal for you ✨ @pixelope

Electrifying performance of a classic — Saint-Saëns’s Bacchanale — by the Berlin Philharmonic

Somehow I made it this far without ever reading comics, but I dig the style and overall gist of Wizard Beach

I’m a sucker for a good two-songs-in-one track, especially the transition in between ✌️☝️

who called ‘em (sorry) workout buddies (seriously, my apologies) instead of (here it comes) gym neighbors

I’ve loved a lot of songs in my 30-odd years, but this one always stops me in my tracks

For my money, there’s not a weirder, more beautiful app icon than Charles Proxy’s inexplicable pitcher 🥰

If you’re into this sort of thing, Mastodon 2.6 provides a native mechanism for showing you own a particular link in your profile ✨️

(🎩 h/t @foozmeat)

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