@fahrni But @foozmeat wisely counseled that going RSS-only introduces a barrier to entry, and that there should probably be a medium-specific payoff. I never came up with anything that would really fit the bill 😔

@fahrni I thought about doing something like this, and even came up with a dumb name for it 🤪

For my needs and tastes, the best* Mastodon client I’ve found on iOS is the progressive web app 💫

*Stable as hell, instant parity with website features, no weird UI to fight with

@jaycie Thanks! It’s an old PHP project that I try not to touch if I can help it 🙈 github.com/ashur/tinyskylines

Tired of seeing the same @tinyskylines palettes over and over? Now you can submit your own!

Learn more at github.com/ashur/paletas

Trying to find the right place to credit submissions…

On one hand, alt-text feels like it might be *too* hidden? On the other, message text feels like it could tread on the quiet pleasantness of the bot. Is there a better or correct answer? Feedback appreciated! 🙏

Hi friends! I'm matching donations to RAICES this month up to $32,000.

That's an ambitious limit and I could use your help reaching it -- whether or not you can donate, I would really appreciate your boosts!

To have me match your donation:

1. Donate any amount at raicestexas.org/donate
2. FORWARD your email receipt to raicesmatch@finn.fun.

Posting a screenshot is also encouraged, but forwarding receipts will help me track what I hope will be a lot of email!

Thank you!

I can’t believe you missed your chance to try my bottled after-curdle for people with active lifestyles, “Whey To-Go” 🙄

@fahrni I’m extremely sympathetic to early-stage development ☺️ but I love it already! I can’t wait to see where things go from here 🙌

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