“The Old Man” pilot was a Trojan horse to run the boldest experiment in TV history: “can you trick people into watching an entire season of exposition?”

wrote a tiny bit about a little art project I’ve been doing for the past few years multiline.co/mment/2022/06/ave

🎶🕵️ the hook in this song always reminds me of a specific Wolf Parade* song, but I cannot place it for the life of me


*or maybe some other Spencer Krug project…? 🤔

forgot how magical it feels to step up to a Portland crosswalk and cars just… stop ✨

“I will not stand for this!” he said, shaking his fist at the venue website, on the cusp of turning forty

it’s a huge dork move to be earnest online, but I really like building websites ☺️

who called ‘em “Marvel post-credits scenes” instead of “sequel injections”

@fahrni If you’re ever out in Colorado, the New Belgium tour is a great one!

files and shell commands, you know? whew. great stuff

who called it a roll of quarters 

instead of a change log

who called them “nameless de Bruijn indices“ instead of “the bound of the Haskell vars”

If anyone's interested: on Friday at 11AM PDT, I'll be doing a live stream of the absolute basics of setting up a Playdate developer environment, writing some simple Lua code, and getting it onto the device. twitch.tv/panicsteve

Inspired by @tinyskylines and waaaay out of my comfort zone (never drawn this many straight lines before).
#art #TraditionalArt #April

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