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I can’t believe you missed your chance to try my bottled after-curdle for people with active lifestyles, “Whey To-Go” 🙄

I'm incredibly happy to finally be able to talk about this wild thing I've been apart of building for 4 years!

red morning sky
redder still
in the cicada's screech

“Leave us a review on Yelp, if you don’t mind,” said the reiki studio receptionist. “No pressure!”

leave at least 20% gratuity or be crushed by a giant succulent

this is ridiculous but *also* something I’d be very interested in

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If you love bite-sized pixel toots but loathe reliable frequency or subject matter, have I got a deal for you ✨ @pixelope


The hottest summer I ever spent was a winter in a fitting room

over here searching for “arch ruins” and “crumbled arch” for a v dumb gag but it *turns out* arches don’t quit! or if they do they refuse to be photographed about it.

shout out to arches, the real heroes

[studies masonry intensely for three years] [apprentices under master bricklayer for seven more] [learns everything there is to know] [starts modest career crafting mortar-bound towers of art] [watches sadly as already-infrequent inquiries dry up] [weathers decades-long downturn] [perks up as clouds begin to part and commissions pour in like never before]

[runs into old friend] ashur, how is the chimney business?
[chokes back tears after waiting ages for this exact moment] thr— through the roof

Electrifying performance of a classic — Saint-Saëns’s Bacchanale — by the Berlin Philharmonic

Somehow I made it this far without ever reading comics, but I dig the style and overall gist of Wizard Beach

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