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who called it moby dick instead of johnson & whales

Tiny Skyline wallpaper generated thanks to @ashur's @tinyskylines bot located at:

Modify the last line to (300, 150, 20) for something more 1080p friendly.

tomato in the streets, tomato in the sheets

who called them Journeymen Tailors Union members instead of seamsters

who called it nightfall instead eve’s drop

For my needs and tastes, the best* Mastodon client I’ve found on iOS is the progressive web app 💫

*Stable as hell, instant parity with website features, no weird UI to fight with

Tired of seeing the same @tinyskylines palettes over and over? Now you can submit your own!

Learn more at

Trying to find the right place to credit submissions…

On one hand, alt-text feels like it might be *too* hidden? On the other, message text feels like it could tread on the quiet pleasantness of the bot. Is there a better or correct answer? Feedback appreciated! 🙏

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Hi friends! I'm matching donations to RAICES this month up to $32,000.

That's an ambitious limit and I could use your help reaching it -- whether or not you can donate, I would really appreciate your boosts!

To have me match your donation:

1. Donate any amount at
2. FORWARD your email receipt to

Posting a screenshot is also encouraged, but forwarding receipts will help me track what I hope will be a lot of email!

Thank you!

I can’t believe you missed your chance to try my bottled after-curdle for people with active lifestyles, “Whey To-Go” 🙄

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