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Being an armed forces officer from the National Defence Academy, my graduation degree of BSc PCM was given by JNU. So, without having ever studied there, I am an alumnus of this prestigious University and damned proud of it. I support the striking students cause.

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NIA arrests Delhi University Associate Professor Hany Babu Musaliyarveettil Tharayil in connection with Elgar Parishad case [PTI]

Bhaktas asking for UCC don't understand that it doesn't just imply equal treatment of all religions but also of gender. So, asking for UCC is asking for the law of equality of treatment of all genders—which strengthens the case for opening Sabarimala to women.

Don't say no one warned you. Decide what you want before you hanker for it.

Manish Sisodia totally pwns Amit Shah's query where is CC TV camera, with videos of Shah's door to door from the same CC TV cameras! 😂

Mesmeric chanting of Azadi by the one and only Kanhaiya Kumar. Aishe Ghosh, Deepika Padukone.

@ashwin_baindur @cypnk any distance metric like that(not sure what the requirement is) has *some* higher dimension you can embed it in. The fact you can embed the "surface" it in higher dimensions is only incidental for general relativity.

Still, curved surfaces in 3d have a "straight line" on them, and they could be seen as 2d spaces with a metric, so that's analogous. Particles(ignoring the gravity of the particles themselves) move along such straight lines in GR.(in metric including time)

Students & Research Scholars of Indian Association 4 Cultivation of Science in today staged their protests against the by .
This was the Institute from where Dr C V Raman got his .
Thanks 4 uniting all of us

"Fabric" of spacetime is kind of mislabeled. It's also a side-effect of using an imprecise language like English to describe concepts, originally described in math. But then I'm not sure how else to describe spacetime in English

"Foam", "Fluid"? These has the same issue

Good morning Mastodoston. Fuck the government.

RT I accept everyone. I’m no one to define “perfect”.

I just prefer not to berate the Opposition when there’s a monster looming. I see myself & every anti-fascist as the Opposition too.

I just don’t believe in the “lets outsource everything to the Opposition & whine” mentality.

Please do not fall for the pathetic platitudes and posted on Twitter last night. If they REALLY cared, they would resign and tell those two bearded goons to stop their people from attacking students.

Police were not"helpless", they were complicit. They stood and watched the violence, prevented bleeding victims in ambulances from leaving the gate, and after 3 hours of mayhem, escorted the goons safely out of campus. We expect at least you to tell the truth!
RT @TheDeshBhakt
These are the undisputed facts-
- there was a attack on JNU students by masked terrorists
- one of the best universities in India …

The difference between Indira Gandhi's emergency and now is the difference between authoritarianism and fascism, Prabhat Patnaik wrote this last April. He cites 7 seven differences in this piece, which make today's India look a lot worse than 1970s.

I think it's kinda weird that the president of the US gets to stay on Twitter after threatening war crimes and cyberbullying children because his tweets are "of public interest" but the president of Syria gets banned...

Not that I'm sympathetic, but it does seem hypocritical and highlights the issues with social media that's controlled by a single US company. Why do they get to enforce their own interests worldwide?

When the police allows the masked mob inside, locks the gate so that students can't escape, and then let's the mob out, there is only one explanation—these are Amit Shah's men. Short video of that here—

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