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Adam Sjøgren @asjo

"Here is our PGP key for reporting security problems." "If you use it, we'll ask you to resend in plain text." Why:

Best album of the decade, hands down: Kent: Då Som Nu För Alltid.

docker... the thing that will eventually make me give up computers and go live in a fucking cave somewhere...

I ♥ Free Software - Debian, GNU Emacs, Linux, Gnus, XMonad, Perl, Python, Apache, jabber.el, PostgreSQL, Xorg, git, GHC, LaTeX, Gimp, mpd, vlc, Firefox, etc. etc.

Try find-file-from-selection if you are tired of having to select the exact filename from warning/error-messages and opening them in Emacs:

Reading this in an article called "Vim anti-patterns": "The Escape key on modern keyboards is a lot further from home row than it was on Bill Joy’s keyboard back when he designed vi. Hitting Escape is usually unnecessary; Ctrl+[ is a lot closer, and more comfortable." made me laugh out loud.