I want to do a question-and-answer about being a pansexual person from a small Central American country. Pan-AMA; Panama.

i remembered that user styles exist and now my shit totally rules/sucks

Weakness is intimacy, and intimacy begets growth. And all require integrating these shadow elements.

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I think to a degree one must leave childish things and be an adult, yeah. But weakness is a kind of power. It demands weakness and vulnerability back, to be answered and resolved. It threatens to make you weak. Then who will be the adult?

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Weakness is the shadow of the conservative mind. I think they worship self-sufficiency, they see it as maturity, they see comfort, solace and passivity as scared, weak, childish things. And if they are a minority they are more likely to lash out against the shadow, the stomp it out of their mind. Just stop being scared and pull yourself together! Kill the traumatized self!

i am going to have to write an app for this bullshit

@velartrill hi, following you via the fediverse now. probably won't be active here for a while longer, but.

progress bar above the status bar while posting a toot is physically painful >_<

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mental health 

the sickness has not been kind to me this week.

built-in content warning support is the best h*cking feature.

did anyone ever build something like it for appdotnet?

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alright I should probably do some more $dayjob stuff before 17h rolls around

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