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I'm very bad with introductions, so here's a thread with some of my writing in the last year:

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Remember remember,
the 8th of November,
your accounts and your wallets so swiftly dismembered.
From arguments about borders
To ATMs out of order
Was it worth the negligible
black money surrendered?

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So I just get to write stuff on here and no one abuses my entire family as a result of which the platform suspends MY account? What sorcery is this.

Ok I concede. I'm far too old for whatever "dating" is now. I neither understand nor enjoy it. Being a millennial is nonsense I do not recommend it.

Someone tell me how to cross-post? And is it a good idea to do this?

Good Morning to everyone except addenda and agenda judges.

So Union Govt has filed a counter-affidavit in 370 case without once mentioning the word federalism. Without once mentioning the word democracy.

Court is a counter-majoritarian institution
Court is a counter-majoritarian institution
Court is a counter-majoritarian institution
Court is an institution that majoritarians can count on!

Trying to think of an ideology more irritating than centrism and really, it does not exist.

Being a Lawyer in this country must be equivalent to an atheist working as a priest.

@VakashaS has been doing some of the most up to date and comprehensive reporting from the Supreme Court on matters of public importance.

Blocking his account the is showing what it stands for.

Let's continue the mass migration to @Mastodon.

Decentralization is the way forward.


I'm back. Had been locked out of my account, but got access again.

Thank you for your support, everyone, really means a lot.

Hope gets their act together - no reasons have been given to me as yet why this happened.

PSA: You can discuss a judgement, even disagree with and criticise its reasoning and outcome. That's not "disrespect". Disregard all the centrists who are saying otherwise.

In Suresh K Koushal v Naz Foundation (2013), the SC upheld the constitutionality of Sec 377. Imagine if we didn't discuss that at all.


Nirmohi Akhara's suit declared as barred by limitation.

Also, they are not the shebaits for worship of Lord Ram and the Ram Mandir, test of exclusive rights of management not fulfilled.

9. First thing the five judge bench announces is that an appeal by the Shia Waqf Board (not the Sunni Waqf Board, a main party to the dispute) has been dismissed.

Shia Board had tried a case in the 1940s over this, had tried here again to raise claims over the site.

Please follow @VakashaS for responsible live-reporting of the Ayodhya verdict. Seriously. Turn off the TV. And follow him.

4. If you'd prefer to listen to a podcast on the history of the case and what the 3 main parties
- Sunni Waqf Board, Nirmohi Akhara & Ram Lalla -
have argued to stake their claim, check out our 2-part #AYODHYAVERDICT special here:


Dear friends in media, please be extremely careful in live-tweeting the pronouncement of the verdict in the #Ayodhya case. Do not just pick up one utterance of one judge to break the news. There are five judges on the bench, there may be more than one judgment. Be patient.


Who called them echo chambers and not safe spaces?

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