So I just get to write stuff on here and no one abuses my entire family as a result of which the platform suspends MY account? What sorcery is this.


How exactly is the hate kept out? Any ideas

@asmitabee yeah I know it's weird. eventually there will be some kind of bizzare inter-group fracturing based on a minor incident escalating into a full on case of Discourse, though

so we at least keep that part of your social media experience intact

@bryceyoungquist yay for debate that doesn't devolve into whatever it is that happens on the bird app.

@asmitabee That's the power of Pine-Sol!

And decentralization 😉

If Mastodon were sorcery, YOU are the sorcerer. (Like Harry the Son of Potter 😀 ) That sounds pretty amazing if you ask me.

@asmitabee @Nikaroo Hey, over on the Birdsite, some RWers have referred to me as "you-know-who".

I did not know a person could PIN more that one Toot on the TL. You taught me something. I salute you.

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