Mastodon is what you need on days like tomorrow. If it's an echo chamber, so be it. I'd like to hear echoes of compassion, solidarity and empathy after the ayodhya verdict. Not hate and communal chest-thumping. Just because we can't hear it here, doesn't mean it doesn't exist. And we're all aware enough to know this. Lots of love, all.

Oh. And don't watch TV. No one on there knows how the law works. Or how the news works. Or how life works.

Remember, news channels and portals will be in a rush to break and get exclusives. And they will all fuck up royally. Wait it out. Follow the lawyers. (not the ones outside tis Hazari though)

@asmitabee follow @sanjayuvacha for correct updates tomorrow. No one can give you correct info other than @sanjayuvacha

@asmitabee I have stopped watching all the TV channels except NDTV and it really agonize me the lack of compassion all this bigoted people display so blatantly come on we are humans like another biological being we would close the life cycle you born you live and you die in another 100 years all this current generation would be dead and gone and I am sure the next generation would be worst than us the downside of internet consequently the propaganda masking right with the wrong

@asmitabee see all we are doing is have a healthy logical conversation. Not just boosting one agenda rather have educated discussion which is civil. I won’t agree that this is an echo chamber. Atleast let us not make it to be that way

@paulpushparaj1 yeah, I think a lot of us here disagree on a lot of things. But the fact that we can discuss those things without insulting each other's entire ancestry is what makes this place great. (personally, I don't think it's an echo chamber either. Being here isn't blinding me to the fact that another ideology exists.)

@asmitabee It always existed, the noise is just deafeningly louder now.

@asmitabee was thinking the same thing. Can't imagine the hate in every other platform. There is peace to express and communicate.

@asmitabee - Very interesting because the large "Bernie influencer" accounts on Twitter say the same thing, about Mastodon being an "echo chamber" but they don't realize how Twitter's algorithms make it more of an echo chamber than Mastodon.

Here, each "toot" is seen equally. On Twitter users get "content filtered" out of existence if their views challenge authority. Imagine discussing the "health" of a platform with Trump.

@BernieOrVest @asmitabee
Hey Bernie,
As for "Echo chambers" If there IS on Twitter an Echo chamber There is just ONE humongous echo chamber. On the Mastodon Federation, there are many INSTANCES (Servers) that could possibly become echo chambers of the users drawn to it. The good news is if you do not like one particular Instance on Mastodon you can follow the one you like. I like following posters on various servers. This way I can do a sampling of diverse points of view.

@asmitabee If the echoes of compassion become loud enough it will resonate even outside the chamber. All in all, removing hate due to sexism, racism, communalism and the mother of them all casteism is all that is needed to bring sanity back. Those who call it an echo chamber because it is is devoid of hatred really have a misplaced sense of egalitarianism. Giving hatred equal space as compassion is not equality, it is just travesty.

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