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Install LibreOffice 5.4 on Windows 10, start spreadsheet, see Liberation Sans as default font. Type something, notice horrendous kerning problems with e.g. "Xu".

Oh wow, never knew Laurence Fishburn was in A Nightmare on Elm Street 3.

I had totally forgotten just how bad A Nightmare on Elm Street 2 was.

Mmm, so NL has 12 digit phone numbers nowadays as well. 06 prefix (mobile) has been sort of exhausted. So internet-only mobile now uses a 12 digit number starting with 097.

See e.g.

Me playing Xenoblade Chronicles 2, walking around Gormott: "So pretty!" Me also: "Why is everything trying to murder me?!"

Just replaced my TP-Link router/AP with an Ubiquiti EdgeRouter X and AC-AP-Lite. This is the stuff I wanted for years without having to use a custom ROM. Recommended.

There we go, 5 more Kiva loans. Surpassed 100 loans today.

Mmm, instead of From Software's Shadow Tower it might also be a Tenchu sequel?

oh jesus fucking christ this is the best description of humanity ever

Nice, searching for "the game awards" on Google even has the nominee lists on the right-hand side in the knowledge section.

For others, if you find your Linux WiFi MAC address is randomizing, you might need these configuration options:

The bottom two might need to change to "stable" (as per nm-settings(5)).

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