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Here’s what I learned about switching to a renewable energy provider.

Most ESCOs are bullshit, but there’s a certification called “Green-e” that the internet thinks is legit.

In NYC there’s a provider offering 100% wind that charges 9.4c/kWh. The rate is variable though.

My last bill charged 6.4c/kWh, so renewable is about 50% more, BUT, supply is a small part of the bill. The rest is a delivery, tax and nonsense. For me, switching to renewable would be about $6.5 more per month.

... and here what the intro to Moby Dick looks like:

kol mee ishmiyl. sum yirz aagow — nevar miind how long prisiisliy — having litaal or now muniy in mii pers, aand nuthing partikyaalar tuw intraast mee an shor, ii thot ii wud seyl aabowt aa litaal aand see thaa wotariy part uv thaa werld. it iz aa wey ii hav uv driiving of thaa spleen, aand regyaaleyting thaa serkyaaleyshaan. wenevar ii fiind miself growing grim aabowt thaa mowth; wenevar it iz aa damp, drizliy nowvembar in mii sowl; ...

I just went through the process of signing up to stop junk mail and thought folks might dig some deets.

Some of the steps are described here;

Phone calls

Credit Offers

Magazines, catalogs, etc.
For most junk mail you can sign up to stop it via - they charge you $2 to do it, or $3 if you do it by mail.

How might an “alibi machine” work that could passively produce proof of a person’s location at a time that a jury would believe? Is there something more trustworthy and precise than cell tower connections?

So look, I’m not great at chess and I’m really struggling to seal the deal in this game. Any tips?

I was fortunate today to be able to be the first to introduce the cat I’m babysitting to catnip.

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I just remembered that there's a team at Etsy that has a "New Hampshire Backstrom Memorial Award," given weekly to the engineer with the smallest average commit delta by LOC count. 💯

Anyone know what’s up with this rad morning glory bloom with surprise purple at the edges?

I've been making some time-lapse videos of Fort Greene. Here are some of the more interesting ones.


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