following non-tech people is so confusing. couple definitions for those of you who also follow non-tech people:

- library: a place that has books you can borrow
- queue: a line for something
- pandas: fuzzy bears
- graph: a chart
- python: snake
- heap: a pile of things

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@aspittel I regularly have to check my language with my wife to see if people outside of tech get it. Except I think I'm making her more technical.

Also, strings: fiberous thread or cord


folder: a physical object made of folded thick paper, usually flesh-tone!

file: a piece of paper with writing on it; usually intended to be in a folder

(I was literally 10 years old or so before I learned folders and files were physical objects; I still remember my mom being incredulous in the kitchen explaining it to me XD )




I'm learning to think like them.. 😎

@codepuppy @aspittel wow! But I'm still not sure what exactly to call a physical file or folder—like the clear thing with a spine that holds sheets together? I hear people calling that a "file", but it's not quite something people put in folders 😕

@badrihippo @aspittel don't worry, we gotchu :3

You mean these?

(They support a full alpha channel from 0 to 255 :> )

@badrihippo @aspittel ahhhhhh yes, that would be a "page protector" aka "page sleeve" :>

(but this implementation of protected mode memory management only supports readonly pages so you have to switch to real mode to write to them :3 )


disk: a cylindrical object with an extremely low ratio of height to diameter

fsck: not something you type around children

circuit: a thing horses do while people gamble...*with actual money!!*

repository: there's a moderate but important chance they typoed "suppository"—DO NOT CONFUSE THESE

repo: when people take your sofa because you failed to provide enough gold pieces

dollars: what they call gold pieces
(nb: as of 1971 they are no longer redeemable for GP (see: Nixon Shock) )

- stack: a neater pile of things
- shell: something you find on the beach
- console: the act of comforting someone
- code: something written in a way that you're not supposed to be able to understand

...though maybe the last point is debatable 😉

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