Controversial piece of advice for newer coders:

Make yourself a cheat sheet with the syntax of the language you're working in, assign yourself a project, and then block the internet for a bit.

Instead of Googling for solutions, you'll be forced to really problem solve.

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After that one project, or a week or two, definitely use Google -- it's a critical tool for developers!

But, I see a lot of new programmers search things right away instead of thinking through the steps and really reading error messages.

Also, Google parts of the problem not the whole problem. Searching "Sudoku solver Python" for ex. will give you an answer, but so much of the learning process will be cut out.

Instead search things like "for loop syntax Python" or "SyntaxError my error message".

@aspittel not controversial for me! I always start with a little project when learning a new language and try to stumble around as much as possible before looking for the answer. Gotta just do it!

@aspittel Why do you need a Search engine? There are great Books out there about Algorithms! Also you can use github, gitlab or your favorite open source repository to watch others code. You need to know where you might find it. However its better as to ask a company for a solution, or a way... Search engines are bad... try to learn a Language with it, to see where it will lead you to.. Use Books or Documentation.

@aspittel Learned a lot when decided to try digging into code instead of going straight to Stack Overflow.

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