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One of my favorite sites for debugging:

An automated tool for faux pair programming and working through problems πŸ₯

I submitted my first CFP ~10 mins before the deadline.

I didn't think in a million years they would accept me, even though it was a small conference.

I was shaking on stage I was so afraid.

I still freak out every time I give a talk, but I do it a lot now. 🀞🏻 I've improved.

(if it isn't obvious i'm making a lot of big life decisions right now)

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i also have absolutely 0 reason to take these and can't stop and i need help

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i quite literally have never written a line of php code. this disturbs me.

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can someone plz mail me Jinya Spicy Creamy Vegan Ramen? i am having an existential crisis rn because i miss it

Mine: I went to liberal arts school and we had to take classes across disciplines. CS fit in my schedule.

I fell in love with Python and solving problems.

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If I seem like a bitch, I’m probably having a panic attack tbh.

Reminder: I’m a person not a twitter account.

Writing an ebook is a very normal Wednesday night activity right?

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