@Gargron Make the text field inline with the "Hashtag" text that proceeds it, maybe change it to "New Featured Hashtag" and make the submit button also inline next to the text field (and let users press enter to submit). I think the reason it feels unbalanced is because everything is layered vertically when it doesn't need to.

It Remains To Be Seen Whether Or Not I Had To Do It To Em But I Did It Anyway And That’s What Counts

Everyone else is like, "Okay, here's how we can apply our principles in the broadest and fairest way possible," and Windows users grow up asking "Excuse me, where's my Windows discount?"

Are there any Mastodon/federated solutions for those of us who cannot afford a dedicated server, but would like to be able to share hosting responsibilities with our userbase through peer-to-peer methods?

We are organizing our first working groups to tackle Abuse Prevention and Youth Safety on Pixelfed.

Will be announcing more in the next few days!

#pixelfedLabs #pixelfed #safety

people are mad at Eugen because he said “rich text? more like bitch text” then did a sick kickflip and skateboarded out of the room while smoking a big fat j. everyone thought it was really cool, but they got mad at themselves for thinking it, and it made them even more angry. afterwards they were walking home and Eugen sped by in his sports car, hitting a puddle and soaking them with a comically large wave. to make matters worse, he was in the car with their crush, and prom is only a week away


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