Hiring ad 

Igalia is ! We're an egalitarian tech coop working on free/open source software

Positions open for , , & engine development

We encourage women, people of color, people with disabilities, LGBTQ+ folks to apply!

Remote work ok



You have to specify a direction.


You have arrived at Mastodon.

The building has dozens of entrances, all with 'official' signage above the door, but with graffiti and stickers and signs all over near them anyway.


You walk towards the door marked 'mastodon.social', and note a parking sign that instead says NO AWOO -- $300 FINE in the typical lettering.

I think I enjoy steeping tea with a gaiwan the most out of all my tea vessels. Other than the matcha bowl maybe.

I am a genderfluid women who is a PhD Student. My research consists of compilers, video editing, and combining programmatic and direct manipulations. Basically, I live in the intersection of PL, Systems, and creative computing.

Other interests include: anything about gender/sexuality and queer related, bicycles, urban planning, systemic oppression, and probably several other things I forgot.

California fires 

The fire closest to my home is still under five hundred acres in size, still over six miles away, andup to 10% contained from 1%.

I'm still safe with friends. I say this to remind myself how lucky I am compared to everyone affected by the Tubbs, Nuns, and Atlas fires.

If this toot has made you wonder how you can help, then I'd say the easiest way would be donating to locally-run charities in the affected area - and wouldn't you know it, here's one now: redwoodcu.org/northbayfirereli

Reminder: you can use the Mastodon Bridge to connect up with Twitter friends who've come here (and registered):bridge.joinmastodon.org/ as well as using the hashtag to find new friends.

I've had this account for a while but never did an introduction.

Hi, I'm a computer scientist who works at Igalia, a worked-owned tech co-op that specializes in free/open source software development.

Interests: bicycles, food, urban planning


More active on here today because of the twitter boycott in solidarity with women & POC

A lot of people are missing the point of the twitter boycott. Ok heres how twitter works, they sell your data to advertisers for money, any interactions, good or bad are data they can sell.

All that harassment women get? That makes them money. All the call outs, all the toxic shit, all the fights with bad people? Makes them money.

They have a vested interest in creating engagement and nothing does that better than anger. They keep the bad people around because they know you will fight them. Thats data, they can sell that and then market to people just like you.

While they market to the people who want to abuse you too.

*not using twitter* is literally the only way to hurt them.

ANYWAY, for those who haven't heard, Mastodon recently changed how private posts work. I wrote up a quick overview of the changes, which you can read HERE: >>>> marrus-sh.github.io/mastodon-i

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Looks like friends.nico has joined the behemoths at the top of the Fediverse. This now makes 3/5 of the top instances predominantly Japanese.

Okay, my new Mastodon instance is live! Since @Mus made oulipo.social where you can't post the letter 'e', I am proud to announce:


A Mastodon instance where you can only say the letter "e". Follow me there! I'm @e


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Apologies to everyone I had to leave out! (your instances are great too)

From Witches to Dolphins, These Are the Communities That Make Mastodon Great motherboard.vice.com/en_us/art

Twitter sued Customs and Border Protection for trying to unmask one of their pseudonymous alt agency accounts. Within 24 hours of Twitter filing the lawsuit, the government withdrew its subpoena. What happened here?

I explain it all: motherboard.vice.com/en_us/art

Pleasantly surprised by how nice Amaroq is compared to the Twitter app, which is such an aggravating piece of software.

I was trying to map out the whole network using kumu.io/wakest/fediverse if anyone wants to help

Have had this account since Dec. but hadn't posted anything yet. Hello World.

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