Appalled at pro CAB and NRC forwards from Indian uncles. Are they forwarding without thinking or do they really think like this?
They compare India to North Korea and Saudi Arabia As states that have harsh punishments for those entering illegally. What amazing beacons of democracy to compare India with!


@Vishsai @smeedha @goldenarcher Do I understand correctly, the only Hindus who are included in this list are Tamils from SL? What about Tamil Christians from SL?

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@aswath @Vishsai @smeedha The Sanghi bastards have excluded the Sri Lankan Tamils because Zionist stooges, like Subramanian Swamy, presented a paper putting a note of interrogation on their religion!!!

@goldenarcher @Vishsai @smeedha I think the next step shld be to question all Tamilians as to their citizenship. Seriously now, has he allowed SL Tamil Christians?

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