After four years, Facebook gets its Free Basics. I am sure there is an analog in the annals of East India Company where one Maharaja or another signed a treaty.


இனிய தமிழ் புத்தாண்டு நல்வாழ்த்துக்கள்!

@rajagopal And if the weight of the capstone is multiplied by the base, the result is 181,500 —a fairly close approximation of the speed of light in miles per second. If the base is measured with a "Monument foot," which is slightly smaller than the standard foot, its side comes to 56V^ feet. This times 33,000 yields a figure even closer to the speed of light.

@rajagopal This follows the great tradition:
[Washington Monument's] height is 555 feet and 5 inches. The base is 55 feet square, and the windows are set at 500 feet from the base. If the base is multiplied by 60 (or five tunes the number of months hi a year) it gives 3,300, which is the exact weight of the capstone in pounds. Also, the word "Washington" has exactly ten letters (two times five).

@Luq Life imitating Art , but in a cruel way? Reminds me of Tara Babu of Taal

Is the key that we are trained to hold two contrarian views at the same time? One when we perceive we are in the "in" and another when we are in the "out"?

Life is different if you do not accept the Law of Excluded Middle. <sarcasm>

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This story fails to explore the riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma, It says,"Indian Americans have been among the most liberal subset of Asian American voters." It also states that Trump "marvel[ed] at the visiting Indian leader’s popularity with Indian Americans, including many who had traveled long distances."

@goldenarcher Isn't this bad news for fediverses like Pixelfed and Peertube? Can't I embed this code in the image/video before hosting it in my instance?

@goldenarcher If I were him, I will have 3 devices - one for family interactions, one for Amazon and one for other interactions. Then, the latter one even if compromised, no personal data will be affected. My "bodyman" can lug them along. 🙂

@goldenarcher I am flabbergasted that the world's richest person will have just a single device and use consumer-grade socnets.

I am in the process of reading this rather lengthy interview w Chandrasekhar. You may also find it interesting.

As we proudly note Nadella's opposition to CAA, we should also recall his criticism of Trump's children separation policy.

@goldenarcher thanks for reminding me. You also must have noticed that I have not posted any. So I do not appreciate the diff

[Ability to listen to and "interact" with other instances by a non-conforming, banned instance] is a flaw in the current design in the Mastodon software, and to some degree the Activity Pub [...]. There is a lot of people [...] are working on different ways to deal with this issue [...] in by Blogghoran in

Do you know of any recent progress on this front?

@goldenarcher I get that. But what I don't get is why do we need Pixelfed? Don't get its UI/UX benefit compared to that of Mastodon

@goldenarcher Not being familiar w Instagram, I still don't get the UI/UX benefits you see in it compared to Twitter/Mastodon.

TIL that "Nataraja six" is a thing in Cricket. Has there been any WI player with dreads who has hit one? That would be more fit. :-)

Being a Madurai guy, has there been a batsman who has hit a Nataraja six but with the other leg? "Kaal marri aadinar"

@goldenarcher A sincere q: What feature is avail in Fedigram that is not avail in Mastodon? Why not use just Mastodon to share the photos?

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