Are there any good alternatives to Medium?

I fell in love with itโ€™s simplicity, hearts and publications, but lately itโ€™s been going downhill.

Do I need to self host?

The new line up looks great!

The new Pixel camera features look amazing.

Pixelslate looks like a tablet I might actually want to use.

The glaring issue though? Availability!

Iโ€™m hoping one day Google will have near world wide availability from day one.

Remember when practically all of Google IO was centered around G+ ?

Funny how things change.

Microsoft is doing some really cool stuff.

Iโ€™m seriously considering giving Windows a go again. Most of the apps I use are available on both platforms, changing key bindings will be the hardest part.

I've tried Polymail, Mailspring, and now I'm giving Spark a go.

Mail clients are hard!

Gradle can now checkout and build dependencies from source:

This looks super handy for those libraries that aren't published, or it looks like it could even replace an internal maven repo.

Dark mode on OSX is taking some getting used to. Not sure I like it yet...

My favourite feature of Android Studio 3.2?

Emulator Snapshots!

It makes testing breaking changes like upgrading a database so much easier.


Just released an update to Mapee that changes the theme based on time of day.

Super easy to implement thanks to Theme.AppCompat.DayNight!

Android Q feature request - don't update an app while I'm using it!

Love being able to watch support library development happen in AOSP!

I make it part of my daily routine to see whats coming up:

Would love to see a feature where Amazon Kindle converts imperial to metric units.

How handy would that be?

Loving the new Chrome Material design - beautiful and clean.

My only gripe is the people switcher no longer has a name next to it.

Finding it quite hard to find people to follow on Mastodon - the hash tag is mostly empty :(

Using Tusky on Android and Whalebird on OSX.

Whalebird seems like the Twitter client I've always wanted for OSX.

Would love Mastodon to take off just so I can keep using it!

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Pretty impressed at the features of Mastodon and the quality of the clients.

I have no idea what the different timelines are about though...


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