ActivityPub is not the only Fediverse protocol in town. Zot also allows decentralized social media.—and it has a game-changing feature: nomadic identity. 🏈

This is my experience using it 🧵

1. Nomadic identity is my holy grail of decentralized social media. In a previous life, I worked on one attempt. Many have tried and failed.

So the fact Zot is not a proof of concept, and can actually be used by anyone is huge.

2. If you want to know why I'm excited about Zot's implementation of nomadic identity, take a look at this screen shot.

Notice anything missing? A password field! A channel address is all that's needed for authentication.

3. What makes Zot particularly nomadic is the ability to clone your channel. Upload a file or enter in credentials from another channel, and now you have true redundancy across multiple sites.

4. Mastodon's big weakness is that it has a class system: admins and users. Admins own user personas, toots, personal data. This creates a hierarchy.

Nomadic identity, as implemented in Zot, fixes this problem.

5. Even if you're an admin, you should love Zot. Channel redundancy means resistance to DDoS attacks. As well, if your webhost dislikes you and pulls the plug on your site, Zot gives you redundancy for channels you host

6. So Zot is the future of decentralized social media, right? Unfortunately, Zot is in bad health. Its usage is in the decline. There are fewer instances now than a year ago.

The problem: Zot had too many projects, not enough focus.

7. To their credit, devs know that Zot grew too complex for the average user. This is why they're ending support for many services. According to Mike Macgirvin, everything will be coalesced into Streams.

8. Whatever Zot evolves into, I hope the focus remains on nomadic identity. I don't know if Hubzilla/Streams is the best implementation for it. I'm just impressed it works.

For this reason, I hope Zot continues to survive.


9. It's imperative that the Fediverse comes to a consensus on nomadic identity.

The sooner that nomadic identity is implemented across all major platforms, the sooner that the Fediverse will no longer be in danger of re-centralizing. /END

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