I really feel like I’m on to something here with “Services are a mistake”.

Like there's a huge truth, a light that's shining on how we've been thinking about building network technologies.

Services are naturally hostile to communities, because services cannot protect communities.


@aurynn Can you talk a little bit more about what you mean by "protect"?

In meatspace, both police and the mob offer "protection services".

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@aurynn @atomicpoet services are going to go after broader market share so the amount of harassment they are willing to accept will always be more than what a community would accept. They won't care if users fall thru the cracks as long as they create enough new users to replace them.

@mcneely @atomicpoet that is part of the core point I'm driving at here, that services are actively harmful to the existence of communities

@aurynn @atomicpoet
I'd like to point out that what you're describing as services is also useful for many people who aren't bothered with and explicitly don't want to belong to any specific group, like me.

Also, I'd rather you use a different term than service. All servers are providing a service, technically. You could instead describe servers as community-oriented or general.

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