My pet peeve is when journalists refer to Twitter as the Internet because:

1. Regular people rarely use Twitter
2. Technically-inclined people don't prefer Twitter
3. Other social media services, such as Reddit, have as much usage as Twitter
4. Twitter isn't even where most Internet memes are generated

Dear journalists, if you believe Twitter is representative of the Internet, it's because you're stuck in an echo chamber. Get off Twitter. Go use the actual Internet for once.

Pic is relevant.

@atomicpoet My entire extended family doesn't seem to use the Internet beyond Facebook. Makes me so glad I never had to worry about coming out anywhere else and not Facebook, since it means I never have to come out to the rest of my family. If any of them are clever enough to find me elsewhere, they'll probably understand why, too.

@atomicpoet They seems to not understand "The Internet" is a network, not a person or Skynet. It doesn't "react" to anything… By the way, "web" and "Internet" are two different things. Social media be it twitter or something else, is just a small part of the web. It is not and can't be "the Internet".

@atomicpoet I will say, the nicest thing about moving from the birdsite to Mastodon has been the lack of pundits on the latter.

@atomicpoet on point 2, while they may not prefer it, they certainly use it. Agree with all points though. 4 websites != the internet.

@atomicpoet also, the English speaking internet is "the Internet".

Not even a majority bro. China and India each have the Anglosphere beat in number of internet users twice over.

@AgreeableLandscape The Indian web has a big English-speaking component. Yet, it still exists entirely distinct from whatever Americans are doing.


you're not wrong, though one thing confounding the observation is how many Internet users in India (China too, but more so India because reasons) speak English also


@idlestate @atomicpoet fair enough, but their cultures are still very different from the anglosphere proper.

@AgreeableLandscape @atomicpoet

one of my peeves is treating English-speaking Indians, and the English they speak, as if they and it somehow don't belong amongst the rest of the Anglosphere

@AgreeableLandscape @idlestate Counterpoint: there's more English speakers in India (appr. 125 million speakers) than in the UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand combined.

At this point, Indian English is nearly as influential as American English due to various socio-political factors.

@atomicpoet I never READ Twitter because there is too much PRAVDA... Bots Posting GOP CrazyTalk® - Not Much Actual Value There... I WRITE to Twitter because Some random people get to read my words... and LEARN... I also post on 13 other Social Media Sites... Mastodan is one of my favorites... Here is a Chainsawed Bear... Enjoy!

@atomicpoet I hate that a lot of ‘news articles’ are a paragraph that has been reposted 45 times and the rest is 30 clips of what people have said on Twitter about the subject.

@atomicpoet @xapmat ...often not even people of relevance just "some random person on the internet". It'd be like mining the comments section of a site for reactions. Still better than the Instagram sideshows which don't even render for me thanks to running Facebook Container and DDG plugin in FireFox.

@atomicpoet though if you don't post this on Twitter they'll never read it

@sty They won't read it anyway, but that's another story.

@atomicpoet it's funnier on sites with forums or UGC

10 people react on Twitter: newsflash! to the front page! people are furious!

100 people react on their own site: meh. *the moderator bans the drama*

hot take 

„Pic is relevant“ but barely described …

#accessibility #altText

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@RyunoKi I usually include it but this time I forgot.

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Always a chance to add a reply with an extended one (I actually went looking in the hopes of one because relevance)

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@RyunoKi The headline says, "The Internet reacts to Jimmy Butler's game 6 in Boston."

By the Internet, they're actually referring to Twitter.

Do you have a more relevant example? Sport journalism hardly counts as journalism

@atomicpoet The other thing I see is Reddit being “The Internet”.

Which, well, isn’t necessarily representative either.

@atomicpoet ...even better when it is like a handful of no-name people who got boosted by a few hundred people...gotta fill that 24 hour news cycle with something...

@atomicpoet I disagree. I don't think these 'journalists' (if celebrity reactions counts as journalism) think that.

The statistics term for this is a non-representative 'convenience sample'. In fact, I doubt they even tried to be representative of all Twitter users, much less all Internet users, it's just to maximize convenience and entertainment-potential.

@atomicpoet *the journalists, I can't say anything about *these* specific ones

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