Vancouver is an unfriendly city. This is because a lot of people are trying to get in here but housing and jobs are extremely limited. Thus, everyone thinks if a stranger interacts with you, even non-verbally, they want something.

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One thing I hear lots of single Vancouver women complain about is the lack of positive chance encounters with eligible men.

I suspect that dating apps are somewhat to blame but also, Vancouver just isn't a place to raise a family.

Median price of a detached house in Vancouver is $2.5 million.

Average salary in Vancouver is $50,317.

This is how out of whack housing and employment are here.

@atomicpoet That’s brutal, though sadly this type of imbalance can be found across the country. The problem is most wages haven’t kept up with the times, even before this rampant inflation. Now the interest rates are climbing — and failing — to curb inflation, due to the fact it’s almost all externally based. Through all this wages are still stagnant, meaning the only thing being accomplished by rate hikes is further economic pain.

@pete It will affect people who were crazy enough to recently buy a house with a variable rate mortgage.

@atomicpoet Yep, along with those that have credit debt or student loans. There’s just no winning in this country anymore.

No Canada.

@pete I keep hammering this point. We need to get back to building more cooperatives. We need credit unions, food co-ops, housing co-ops, etc. And we need a government that understands why developing this kind of business is important.

@atomicpoet Couldn’t agree more, the government just doesn’t grasp these things. I’m glad we don’t have conservatives running the show federally, as they’d also not care on top of being out of touch. One only need to look to Ontario to see that in action.

I’d also love to see more recognition and adoption of tiny homes. I believe there’s movement out west in this regard, not sure about anywhere else. Meanwhile in places like Europe and New Zealand it’s been a thing for ages.

@atomicpoet I've come to understand this situation as 'Treat as a threat until proven otherwise', as opposed to 'Treat as an opportunity until proven otherwise'.

@duncanhart I honestly don't know what you're alluding to. It's gone over my head.

@atomicpoet :-( I’m sorry to hear that. It didn’t used to be that way.

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