Congrats to Mast becoming a usable iOS client, prompting me to check in on mastodon again

Get ready for a sudden user influx y’all because the bird hellsite is back at it again

I clicked on “species” to see what would happen and my new mastodon client is fucking wild

If I’d played this game when it came out my mind would have been blown by both its goodness and commitment to setting, and probably I wouldn’t have liked Persona 3 nearly as much

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Over on the hellsite I’ve been talking about the world ends with you a lot so get this: the world ends with you is fuckin GREAT

There’s finally a usable mastodon client for iOS. I’m back, baby!!!!!!

@mogwai_poet I remember mentioning to you (on twitter?) that there was a study about git usability, and I found it! It's from _2013_ and I don't think their proposed improvements went anywhere.

Don't ever be straight, you'll spend too much time in ikea

tbt when Apple accidentally announced an East Coast Thrash Metal album

Bird hellsite 

"Okay haven't been on twitter in a while I wonder what's up.... okay not so bad..."
*a post about what gulags "actually are" and how they are good*
"Oh, right."

*me, deep in thought* if mega Crap were made today would it be "Dr. Ligma" instead of whatever they called Dr Light

Fig 1. A juvenile employee has caused all entrants into the building kitchen to be "ligma'd"

Fig 2. Me, a responsible adult employee who has good ideas and is smart, leaves an important message underneath

@atootingtwit last season's ending was hopeful in a lot of ways but I fully expect a turnabout coming

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Bojack is back on Friday, who's ready to get SUPER FUCKIN SAD

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