alguien: he hecho un script de 2 lineas pa hacer noseque cosa
yo: liberalo bro

I really want to build a raytracer now, maybe when I learn Rust? 🤔

el guayo: bueno pues todo empieza con un trabajo de cimsi

I recently released a little bee themed base builder/management sim called Hive Time 🐝

On the surface, it's about cute bees living in a zany world. At a slightly deeper level, it's about the delicate and deliberate effort needed to manage/maintain population diversity in a generational community.

If you check it out, I hope you find it interesting ❤️

This cute dog is a monster. He can open doors and has developed a habit of bursting into the room when you’re sleeping. When I (lovingly) told him he’s a monster, he struck this pose. This is why he always wins and we are very tired.

oh my god, apparently the license for the original implementation of JSON states

> The Software shall be used for Good, not Evil.

and because of this the FSF considers it a "non-free" license <>

Spent like an hour debugging my renderer because I didn't know `sizeof(std::vector)` in C++ doesn't give you the actual size of the vector in memory :D

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