Ok, a slightly different kind of ethical alternative today:

GFW is a small independent clothing maker who don't use sweatshops and don't classify people by gender.

They are having free shipping to anywhere in the world for the next two weeks, plus 10% off with the discount code "firstorder".


They use a sizing system which works by body shape, not gender:


They cost more, but that's because they pay a proper wage (they manufacture in the UK).


@switchingsocial It's a great start, but there is no information about the used cotton. They say "No sweatshop conditions.", but that does not seem to refer to the material. Manufacturers can buy GOTS certified cotton which includes labour standards along the supply chain.

@switchingsocial By the way, after posting this, I sent them an email asking about organic cotton. They say, they already use Oeko-Tex and are looking into using recycled materials. However, Oeko-Tex is far from GOTS. There is still a lot of work to do here 💔


Well, paying a proper wage to the people who make the clothes is still a pretty big step that deserves credit I think.

(And, while I realise it is not as important, the neutral sizing system is a nice concept too.)

But yeah, it would be great if this could be eventually spread all the way down the supply chain.

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