Are servers from #Facebook #Instagram, #Twitter, #Google #YouTube and #Amazon running with #renewableenergy?

If not, why are most of the green movements using these platforms, while any click could mean they are using fossil energy! I think it's not in their interest!

Maybe they haven't thought about it yet?
Could it be an argument for the #fediverse?
What do you think?

#greenfediverse #futurefediverse #climatecrisis #fridaysforfuture #extinctionrebellion

@greenfediverse Google seems to be pretty green. The rest I don‘t know.

Of course we have to be responsible with our fediverse instances. For this was not negotiable.


@marian @greenfediverse Google is green? Google, just as Microsoft or Amazon or any other of the , collaborates with oil companies and fails to keep up with their own renewable energy plans.

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