@impiaaa github.com/ocornut/imgui#galle WOW it looks worse/less native than most electron apps I've seen so far... How is this possible?

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Mozilla releases another unscheduled update for high-rated security vulnerability in Firefox :firefox: :


– attackers can escape the sandbox of Firefox/Firefox ESR using Prompt:Open
– update to FF 67.0.4 and/or FF ESR 60.7.2
– attackers could execute arbitrary code on the user's computer if combined with other vulnerabilities

#firefox #firefoxesr #mozilla #vulnerability #update #security #infosec #cybersecurity

Oh so you're using the thicc model i was thinking of the unpopulated IDE header of the early slim versions.

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Die CDU hat einen Werbespot zur Europawahl gebracht, ich erkläre, was darin auffallend chemisch falsch ist guacamol.de/chemie-in-den-medi

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microSD cards are cancelled for having too much storage density

Tired of leaking your browsing history/fingerprint to 3rd-party CDNs with unclear business models?

Install decentraleyes.org today!

It creates local copies of common web resources, like js libraries, css framework s, and fonts and injects those instead of contacting the CDN.

This also means faster loading speeds.

/cc @switchingsocial@mastodon.at

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RT @odtorson@twitter.com

My new hobby: launching vim in full screen mode at the Apple store

🐦🔗: twitter.com/odtorson/status/11

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Mastodon's "Delete and redraft" button is a huge, irresistible temptation.

Everyone I ever @ probably gets about twelve notifications for every toot I send.

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@diodelass "Quadrifilar helicals" (apprently used for GPS and similar stuff)

the most Aesthetic antennas IMO

<tinfoilhat>to be completely sure block google's AS and run invidio.us in proxy-mode on a self-hosted instance.</tinfoilhat>

Das abklemmen der GPU ist optional und bei allem unter High Sierra + Linux/Windows geht die Displayhelligkeitssteuerung noch ohne Probleme.

Nach dem jumper Mod ist die Helligkeit dann bei 100% fix, das Display geht dafür dann aber auch mit High Sierra,++.😐

best guess: Fehlendes Software Feature, wollte bei Apple halt keiner den Software Switch zum Datenroaming einbauen und der ist halt standardmäßig aus.

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Nach den Skandalen um Amazon Alexa wünsche ich mir nichts sehnlicher als endlich einen Sprachassistenten von Facebook.

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Konkurrenz zu Alexa und Co.: #Facebook plant eigenen Sprachassistenten glm.io/140761?t

🐦🔗: twitter.com/golem/status/11187

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