PSA for NSFW bloggers:

If you're posting NSFW material, you've probably been told by now that you should always mark it as sensitive. That's good etiquette, but unfortunately it means you will find yourself constantly clicking on "sensitive" images in your timeline (assuming your timeline is mainly NSFW, like mine, that is). Luckily, you can overcome this nuisance by setting your timeline to always display sensitive material.

See screenshot below. Select both options and you're all set!

Shooting tonight! Leave messages for what you’d like to see!

As a note to our new tumblr friends, the fediverse is a primarily volunteer-run thing with the admins paying for all the server costs out of their own pockets

If you'd like to chip in towards keeping the fediverse running then most admins have patreon or kofi links somewhere that you can throw a couple of bucks at from time to time

Going to be snapping some fresh shots for the Mastodon later.

Any requests?

Hai, new, inclusive platform!
I’m a kinky Tumblr refugee that’s just looking for a place to safely be the exhibitionist I truly am!

This must be the place!


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