To me, this is a real question, which the people of India will answer in the coming weeks, months, and years:

Has Narendra Modi Finally Gone Too Far?

India's is (1) totally expected and (2) totally devastating.

This isn't the magical moment when India embraced discrimination and hate. That's been a process. But something here seems to mark a new future where anything is possible, in all the worst ways.

We hear a lot about where Ram is believed to have been born, but what about when? I comment on that disjuncture, how the singularity of Ram's birthplace is relatively new phenomenon, and more here:

27 years ago, to the day, a Hindu mob destroyed the Babri Masjid, thereby robbing all Indians of a priceless piece of their cultural heritage.

This year, what the mob began extrajudicially, the Supreme Court finished through judicial opinion. My latest --

‪Supriya Gandhi on Hindutva’s contradictions: “At once it promotes Sanskrit as a pan-Indian ideal for all, but then punishes Muslims for advancing too far in it. It seeks the prestige of science and learning while hollowing out stellar public universities.”

A must read -- This is an incredible story of an amazing woman, determined to document her nation's terrifying turn under Modi's leadership.

I'm looking at maps of the Hindu Rashtra this morning, in connection with an article I have coming out later this week. So, let's take some questions. Ask about anything you want to know, from a historian's viewpoint, about the and . I'll take the first five questions.

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