I'm a historian who is a little tired of daily threats on the other social media platform.

I comment on Indian history and the modern politics thereof. Other interests include calling out sexism, racism, and other forms of bias, both in South Asian contexts and in the Western academy.

Let's see how this goes.

@audreytruschke great to see you here. It was great to see you fight the RW trolls on the bird 🐦 site too. More power to you!! Happy tooting... :)

@audreytruschke feeling glad to find you here. Everyday I wish more academics join social media and become as interactive as you are. Our generation is also privileged one who have the luxury of connecting and having dialogues with best of the minds.

@wahidnoor @audreytruschke so good to see you embrace an open source platform! I hope more of the academia follow

@audreytruschke I've always meant to write to you on the other site but I never got to it.

Please keep up the great work! It hurts so much to see all the abuse & threats you face 24/7. Your resilience and composure in dealing with these people is truly inspiring 👏

Dear #historian

make this day as a big number of wise users migrated to #fediverse from #Twitter



@audreytruschke you are my one of the fav historians. Hope this turns out to be a better platform
I did History Hons in graduation and then shifted to Sociology

@audreytruschke Welcome. Here you can spend more time in actual debates than engaging with moronic sanghi trolls. 👍🏽

@audreytruschke Professor, I really admire your courage. Came here because you joined. Keep up the good work.

@audreytruschke it will not be good.
All the Hindutva Fascist, who were banned on Twitter, are already here, on Mastodon en mass.

It's hard luck for those, who think it'll be any better than Twitter. It'll be much worse. like Quora.

It's only a matter of time when the Fascist, will totally be free & uncensored.

Infact Fascist can create their own unique & tight circle using Mastodon server's (universe) which wasn't possible on Twitter.

Which will be fully controlled by them, not moderators.

@audreytruschke good to see you here. I hope here there won't be any bulk blocking like on Twitter where anyone tagged in the response gets blocked.

@audreytruschke welcome ma'am, my favourite subject is , blessed your insightful thoughts and historical knowledge would be a lesson to us 🙏

@audreytruschke Welcome to mastodon....
Hope Toots are healthier weightier than Tweets!
Your scholarship will always be greatly valued!:perfect:

@audreytruschke welcome to the world of #toots..

No trolls here.. atleast right now.

@audreytruschke Having you guys #JoinMastadon, I really don't think I need to go back to #BirdSty. Y'all just made my day.

@audreytruschke I am so happy to see you here! You're such a strong source of learning for me and my family. I do hope we can see more of your rich knowledge here for peaceful reading. Without the trash and trolling from the birdies.

@audreytruschke great fan of your writing and work.... Hope a better platform to share views freely.

Good to see you here @audreytruschke. I must confess I read your Aurangzeb The Man and The Myth because you get trolled so much. I was always very curious about his personality and had many doubts which could contradict your opinion. I refrained myself from asking or commenting to your posts on the other platforms, because it could trigger nuisance or I might get unwanted followers. I hope to have a more meaningful discussion here.

@audreytruschke Welcome Audrey! Let’s use this Mastodon Revolution to #RiseAboveHate & exercise Freedom of Speech as it was always promised to us in its innate spirit!

I am committed to supporting academic scholarship (There are times I hope in vain that I was an Emperor) and be able to promote high caliber "peer reviewed" scholarship. I hope Mastodon.Social would be a better online venue for sober conversations.

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