Alright folks -- Do you have questions about how historians think and make claims about the past? Ask away.

@audreytruschke do we have any definitive Indian sub continent writings about Indian life between 1500-1800? Written by a person of that time perhaps?


@thatboy I wouldn't use the term definitive, in part because there was so much variety regarding lived experiences. Even today, what would be a definitive account of Indian life? But we have a huge volume of writing from 1500–1800CE that lends insight into aspects of social and religious life on the subcontinent. Off the top of my head -- Bhakti poetry, vernacular hagiographies in various languages, Banarasidas's Half a Life, lots of letters back and forth, etc.

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@audreytruschke yea I agree definitive is too strong a word for anything historical perhaps. Thanks a lot!

@audreytruschke @thatboy
I would like to read about the Bhak tradition and the various movements that arose during this time from Varkaris in Maharashtra to Bauls in Bengal.

I am also interested to learn about the life and impact of Bhakti poets like Tukaram, Gyaneshwar, Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, Akka Mahadevi, Meerabai.

Basically, how these saint poets impacted the perception of religion among the masses.

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