Indian government officials are saying what they intend to do in Kashmir. It's terrifying, especially for those who live there.

Thats only one radicalized diplomat. But worringly the government has kept silent.....

@moderngypsy Diplomats don't give personal opinions they are purely the mouth piece for their governments. They may have been testing the waters by using the Consul General @audreytruschke

He was at a private event and therefore his views cannot be taken as official. But I dont discount the possibility that the diplomat was being used to test the waters! Some "diplomat" !

@moderngypsy If he was at his nephew's bar mitzvah or the equivalent then its mischievous reporting but odd thing to talk about at a private event. I guess he can't stand muslims in india purely on a personal level but when called to speak at public events he keeps his private views private. Possibly. Who knows with indians @audreytruschke

At private events diplomats do sometimes open up - especially after some single malt. The audience was exclusively of a particular political persuation and he was probably playing to the gallery. But then again we can't be sure....

@moderngypsy @DesCoutinho @audreytruschke

I totally agree with the assessment of @DesCoutinho re "testing waters." Policies do not get hatched in vacuum. It usually follows long insidious background chatter.

I have closely observed how my childhood friends were indoctrinated systematically for over half a century at the "Shakhas" to carry out their hate filled objectives.

I am completely against what the government is doing to Kashmir. But whats spoken at a private event need not be a policy statement. Clearly there are different ways to interpret this. I will stand with mine
@DesCoutinho @audreytruschke

@moderngypsy In the West he'd be recalled but this is India and nobody in the West holds Indian officials to the same standards of professionalism as they would Western ones. Your country mate. Not mine @Nikaroo @audreytruschke

@DesCoutinho @Nikaroo @audreytruschke
Well you guys have heads of states who ought to be impeached going by the lofty ideals you seem to espouse. Your country not mine.

@moderngypsy This is not twitter dude learn the art of conversation you'll old enough to have understood it once @Nikaroo @audreytruschke

@DesCoutinho Sure but maybe you should learn yourself. I know the nuances of social media well enough. You started off by saying unacceptable and sweeping statements about India, and you expect me to be quiet. Anyhow there no point carrying on conversation with you

@moderngypsy Wow an Indian who is opposed to revocation of Article 370 and demands the right of self determination for Kashmiris I knew there was one of you @Nikaroo @audreytruschke

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