Wait is an atlatl the spear or the throwing part or both?

It’s a miracle every day that I do not send an atlatl through the driver’s side window of an automobile.

Did you almost just flatten a pedestrian by failing to notice a stop sign in your Porsche SUV? Be sure to give them a little wave to approve their safe crossing right afterwards.

finally finished Remembrance of Earth's Past. What read next?

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silicon valley innovating [ squints ] profit from water fountains at parks

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"If you're ever feeling down, reach out to sweet tilde.town"

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On a related topic, I'm going to stream the 3D maze screensaver from Windows 95 on Friday with some midis in the background. Don't know if I'm going to use twitch or youtube for it yet, but keep your eyes out for it

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human energy technologies, a medley

(1) set living things on fire
(2) feed some living things to other living things and make them pull and lift stuff
(3) put a wheel in the way of moving wind or water
(4) set the remains of distant dead ancestors on fire
(5) put a lot of dangerous rocks together in one place until they get more dangerous and really hot
(6) use the sun to lift and stack heavy things, and then drop them later

I found this soda today in Stockholm. Anyone know how to get it to recognize my WiFi card?

I wish I knew someone in Stockholm so that I could attend a crawfish party instead of eating a bag of these alone in my hotel room

my kink is disabling javascript on news-sites/blogs

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tildemush in-game object editing works!!

this is me:
- creating a new, empty item
- opening its default code
- adding some behavior for a new command, "press"
- going back to the game world and running /press

major shout outs to @selfsame and @endorphant for making the tildemush client happen while i bury my head in serverland.

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molecular biology is pepe silvia dot gif send toot

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I got a Lenovo at work with Win 10 at it. Thinking about using it as my development machine for a while. At least until I get my mIRC scripts added to my dotfiles repository.

I'm playing this on an ec2 instance of $0.70/hr because I'm too lazy to torrent winxp

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Google's 'dots don't count' in email addresses rule can be a pain. I recently got somebody else's email confirmation of a subscription to a fishing website, complete with their home address and t-shirt size.

I only have this person's postal address, so I ordered them a custom t-shirt printed with "I gave the wrong email address", gift-wrapped, with an explanatory message.

I hope they have a sense of humour. mastodon.social/media/emiPxLQi

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