"Chandrashekhar Azad May Suffer Cardiac Arrest': Doc's SOS as He Alleges Cops Denying Medical Care to Bhim Army Chief"

How the hell Delhi Police can deny medical care to Chandrashekhar?? This is inhumane.

This can happen in India only. Celebs celebrating encounter killing by police. No trial needed, mob rules Says

@Jaini Via Saniya Nehwal Tweets On Hyderabad Police Encounter...


Independent Kashmiri media appears to have been silenced and rendered powerless while the “national” media has been given more access, and allowed to shape the narrative on Kashmir. 


118 days of lockdown in Kashmir.

We don't even know what's going on there, when something bad happens in India then we outrage, but when it comes about Kashmir, we all become mute.

When did last time we discuss sexual violence against Kashmiri women??

Shame on those who are running this kind of Twitter trend.
These ppl are the ones who call Godse a patriot.
Because they do not have the courage. If the name of a Hindu is a rapist, it is very shameful if it is Muslim.
It showed hatred towards Muslims.

Removal of Godse Bhakt Pragya Thakur from defence panel is not enough.

She is a terror accused, she must be dismissed from her MP post and should be prosecuted for her crime.

REMINDER: 2 million Uighur Muslims are STILL imprisoned in Chinese concentration camps.

China has called Islam a "mental illness," and these camps are just the tip of the ethnic cleansing iceberg, which includes: sterilization of Uighur women, children separation, and more.

109 days of lockdown in Kashmir.

I seriously wanna know opinion of those so called "Liberals" who'd supported Modi govt on 5th August.

How do you sleep every night with dead conscience ???

युही यूसुफ की सुन्नत अदा नही होती जनाब..!!

हक़ बोलके सलाखों के पीछे जाना मुजाहिदों की निशानी है..!!

All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB) will file a review petition regarding the Supreme Court's verdict on . t.co/iGfeI8M3KY

जो कौमें आवाज़ उठाना नहीं जानती
लाशें उठाना उनका मुक़द्दर बन जाता है।
आवाज़ उठाने में डरिये नहीं।लोग डराने की क़ोशिश करेंगे। मगर हम अपने ज़िंदादिल होने का सुबूत देते रहेंगे।

यहूदी आतंकियों और
हिन्दूआतंकियों का DNA यक़ीनन एक है
ये दोनों हत्याओं पर खुशी मनाने वाले हैं,
भगवा आतंकियों ने हमेशा
इस्राइली आतंकवाद का समर्थन किया,
चूँकि एक आतंकी संगठन,
आतंकवाद का विरोध कैसे कर सकता है?
ये वो आतंकी हैं जो लाशों पर विकेट गिनते हैं।


Once upon a time, there was Babri Masjid.

Built in 1528, desecrated in 1949, demolished in 1992, but forever alive in our memories.


103 DAYS!!

8 Million people are suffering in their own land because Majority of Indians take pride in a SH!T called "Nationalism" .

Your Jingoism is responsible for their oppression!

@ANINews Hiring For Input Editor Reporter Highly Qualified Experience In Journalism Print Online Broadcasting
U Can Also Apply By Yogi Adityanath

MLA abu Asim Azmi Write A Letter To Chief Justice of India About Acussed & Bajrang Dal Hindu Sena Involvement Of Demolished Babri Masjid in 1992.

When you ignore Rohith Vemula
Then Najeeb Ahmed happens

When you ignore Najeeb Ahmed
Then Payal Tadvi happens

When you ignore Payal Tadvi
Then Fathima Latheef happens

Now you're ignoring Fathima
Your child can be next..

Demand the JUSTICE.

It's been 100 days since I have not spoken to my Kashmiri friends.

8 Million people deserve life with dignity, they deserve RIGHT TO SELF DETERMINATION.

IF you don't support them then you're against Humanity.

Efforts are on to pull out the trapped loco pilot of the MMTS train. Loco pilot is being given saline even as gas torches are being used to extricate him t.co/qJjB6AHiHf

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