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I would like to remind you that there are only 2 kinds of people on Earth : those looking for solutions and those looking for excuses. Because, guess what ?, everybody has problems ! At the end, you get to choose whether you want to get rid of your problems and build up on them, or you prefer to keep complaining about them while doing nothing, maybe waiting for someone else to fix them for you (won't happen).

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Fuck every antifa fascist around there. Clear ? Unfollow me, block me, but get out of my fucking world, you hypocrit pieces of shit unable to apply your own principles to yourself. Tolerance is about tolerating even intolerant people, not trying to reeducate everyone who doesn't agree with you. Fucking psychopaths.

Adblocking, old man yells at cloud 

I grew up on dialup. 1200bps, max. I remember what it was like to get anything done at that speed, and now that it's no longer a thing I wouldn't inflict it upon anyone. That's why I try to keep my stuff as lightweight as possible, with as few deps as possible.

Treat others as you'd want to be treated, right?

A couple of years back I went to an HTML5 meetup and hung out with a bunch of web developers. I suck at web design (so much so that I didn't bother to try to write a new theme for my website, I used one that someone else made and tweaked it a little). One of the webdevs noticed that I use a couple of adblockers and yelled at me for taking money out of his mouth. That one cannot eat money, and that he gets paid a (much larger) salary (than I do) is beside the point.

So I put my laptop on the local network (Windbringer had been tethered to my mobile - OPSEC, ya' know) and asked him for the URL of the website he works on. He gave it to me. I opened it in a bare Firefox profile (no addons, no config tweaks, new right out of the box). His precious website loaded fully after just under three minutes.

Then, to make things fair, I rebooted Windbringer, got back on the local wireless, and opened it in my usual Firefox profile, with all the adblockers turned on. His website loaded in about five seconds.

"Your website loads so much tracking garbage up front that your page won't load in less than three minutes. I don't have time for that." And I left.

Unsurprisingly, I haven't been invited back, but my point stands - too much crap means your page won't load in a reasonable period of time.

Netflix releases a nice-looking series on the last Czar. I say to myself "great, something that is not about Vikings, super-heros, or New-York LGBTQ, that's refreshing". Then, it turns out to be a docu-drama, with staged parts interrupted by useless historians making dramatic comments on what we actually see. So, you don't get either the scientific accuracy or the thrill of the action in a continuous story. Netflix, you failed.

And this is why I never use for anything more serious than cropping a screenshot… That's right, I'm a dev, and I use Photoshop to finish retouching pictures after post-processing. Smell a problem here ?

One day, I will open an european restaurant the way they do asian ones. So I will serve paëllas with pesto, haggis, currywurst, molten Reblochon and bechamel. That should be about the same as stuffing avocado and Philadelphia cheese in sushis.

Les articles Wikipedia en français sont quand même compliqués pour rien. On a vraiment une culture scientifique de l'abscons, c'est déprimant.

Les sirènes du Système d’alerte et d’information des populations sonnent désormais le premier mercredi du mois à 11h45 dans le nord de la France, à midi dans le centre et à 12h15 dans le sud, depuis le 7 novembre 2018.
Ces nouveaux horaires sont dus à un changement de logiciel au Ministère de l'Intérieur, au cas où le nouveau dispositif ne puisse pas déclencher les 2 000 sirènes au même instant.

, envoyez vos ingénieurs au goulag, c'est tout ce qu'ils méritent.

Comment l’informatique change la photographie

Gérard Berry est chercheur en informatique fondamentale et professeur au Collège de France. Il est notamment connu pour avoir inventé un langage de programmation permettant de prouver formellement le bon déroulement d’un programme. Il est aussi un excellent photographe de rue et un très bon vulgarisateur, et c&#8

#darktable #darktablefr #photographie

People keep citing studies that show people don't read Google search results past the 2nd page as if it was some metric of modern lazyness. Let me tell you what I learned when I was 13 : if you haven't found a valid result on the first page, Google can nothing for you and your question was most likely ill-posed.

So, indeed, the last episodes of really feel rushed, same feeling as when you have completed half of your exam and you only have 10 minutes left, or when you have an opera to finish and you feel yourself dying. That kind of rush.

The last 12 Woody Allen movies I watched were basically the same story happening in different places. Where does his success come from, again ? At some point, it feels like going to your hometown's favorite candy store. It will always have the same loved taste, but so much for suprise and novelty…

Outside temperature is about half the one of my CPU. That means way too hot.

If I'm perfectly useless tomorrow, it will because @freetux launched me on a music spree and I listened music all night long.

I don't remember if I ever shared it here, so… when I'm not coding like a geek on , I play some music and pretend to be a composer sometimes. Here is my latest composition, for a short film of Justin King, a photographer/stage light engineer for Netlflix from New-York, and my girlfriend, Minh-Ly, professional model :

So the Pirate Bay is simply blocked in France by ISPs ? I didn't know they did such censorship now. Stupid politicians, they don't block mirrors. Oh well, that's true, they can't… Resistance is going to be fun.

If I got a buck each time outputs a full page of forum answers to my queries, I would be rich already.

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