And this is why I never use for anything more serious than cropping a screenshot… That's right, I'm a dev, and I use Photoshop to finish retouching pictures after post-processing. Smell a problem here ?

Outside temperature is about half the one of my CPU. That means way too hot.

Johannes Hanika and Tobias Ellinghaus giving the birthday speech of the 10th anniversary of , yesterday at

The UI rework is now merged in darktable 2.7 (dev version) and therefore planned for darktable 2.8 (released next Christmas)

2.7 refactor : here we are. Now the sliders are drawn from the position of 0, which makes the "balance" kind of sliders more intuitive, plus the reference position (zero) is emphasized by a dot. Also, the EXIF info have been moved to the bottom bar (not by me), and there is a module search box (not mine either).

: I have added shorcuts so you can collapse side panels, histogram, navigation and outer borders (with the arrows to collapse the panels). Welcome to a new border-less immersive experience, more professional and productive.

Try to unsubcribe from a spam mailing list, and get a captcha and a whole essai to write… Do they fear bots ?

Looking at the source code, the HTML does absolutely nothing. The form is linked to nothing. Brilliant. I think I still have a DDOS script somewhere…

2.7 GUI, after 3 weeks of work. I will have to check to confirm, but it feels faster and snappier too (would not be surprising given the amount of things I have removed in the code).

This is where I am tonight with 2.7. Collapsing arrows have been moved to the left, as in most other UIs, and replaced by the redrawn ON/OFF button for modules. Now, enabling a module automatically expands it and scroll the view so it is well fitted in the screen. Also, the histogram has no border, and the blending options are sync with the modules tabs. And all modules get their menus on the right, as it is customary. Almost 3 weeks of work.

This is a preview of my refactoring of UI after 2 weeks of half-time work (half-time = 12 hours/day).

GTK is making me crazy, but I think it looks better and, foremost, more consistent.

Also, I have removed some UI events that created lags.

Also, Pascal has introduced support for themes, and I'm almost done wiring widget to CSS nodes, so most of the UI will be theme-able very soon (colors and sizes). Hello grey theme !

Still work to do though…

I'm currently in the process of making sexier, more minimalist, applying Material Design principles, and exposing every bit of style to the CSS stylesheet, so you can create your own theme. We will ship a couple of default themes in 2.8 too.

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