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... It's nice to have you behave yourself and do as I say like this.

i like how yeet has gone from "noise you say when you're throwing something" to "general noise of acknowledgement/triumph"

phosphophyllite is so important to me!!! bitch!!!!!

neg, suicidal thoughts 

"rational brain": drop from citta.
me: what?
"rational brain": kill yourself. do some research right now
me: wait a second (rips the mask off "rational brain" scooby doo style and reveals it was mental illness all along)

just remembered this one teenage dude who was talking himself up at my game like "y'all watch this im gonna win this easy" and then he fucked it up and HE JUST STARTED RUNNING AWAY AFKKFSHKDDKGDJHF

yuan falls on top of terezi and crushes her to death

im gonna do something for your birthday i just gotta think of it

yuan wouldnt do something like frame someone for murder just to save his ass. he'd do it if there was strategic value though

ronnie: says something not explicitly hateful towards yuan
me: im sorry i don't understand your accent?

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