"in a time of profound economic crisis, when an escalation in the attacks on workers’ rights and welfare has distressed the popular classes, anti-communist moves by the EU only revealed the strategy of the dominant classes, of weakening every capacity for resistance and re-organization that is necessary for a class struggle".

A Thread In Defense of Richard Stallman

The identity politics crowd / lobby destroyed Richard Stallman with the support of corporate media and many others. Among those who applaud will be tech giant companies, opponents of software freedom and most importantly, ...

I find it very ironic and sad that a kid with a condition caracterised with a difficulty in showing apparent empathy for others is suffering from the lack of empathy from milions of people. I feel so grossed up.

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Sorry Greta Brazil has lots of insecure men about everything, including being macho man 

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Como siempre #Stallman a la cabeza de las iniciativas ciudadanas, soberanas y en favor de la #privacidad.

El nuevo gobierno de México tiene intenciones de investigar a Murillo Karam y Tomás Zerón, principales responsables de la fabricación de la conocida "verdad histórica" que resultó ser una mentira histórica.

Murillo era lider de la PGR en ese tiempo y dirigió la investigación a puntos muertos, donde desvió el foco central que implicaba la participación del ejército y la marina en las desapariciones, a unos grupos criminales menores. Se empleó el uso de torturas sistemáticas incluyendo violaciones sexuales a los familiares de los detenidos y también a los detenidos.

Tomás Zerón fue el fabricador de pruebas del gobierno, sacó a uno de los detenidos (que también había sido brutalmente torturado of course) de la cárcel de manera ilegal, lo llevó a un lugar donde le obligó a sembrar los huesos de uno de los desaparecidos, que luego en la tarde serían encontrados por el ejército.. "de causalidad".

Los reportes señalarían que Tomás estuvo en la mañana y así es como se formó la famosa "verdad histórica". Lo aterrador aquí es pensar que, si él fue quien sembró las evidencias y la evidencia eran los trozos de hueso de uno de los desaparecidos... de dónde sacó ese hueso?

Entonces el gobierno tenía conocimiento de la ubicación de al menos un desaparecido?
Por eso, ellos dos deben ser investigados y enjuiciados, y en mi opinión, encarcelados.

@jalcine And in the longer essay about Free Software, RMS presents an ethnical framework which we can use to evaluate contributing the maximum good to the world.

That was also a revolution for me. Before that, I'd felt like everything in my ethical life was simply fed to me. School felt like that too. But RMS showed me a way to think on my own.

These ideas shifted my entire thinking, about everything.


An illness of the epoch: "the culture of ". It's irresponsible to stop in the middle of the street and to shout: witch! and to point with the finger (as in the epoch of ). It is an effective weapon to eliminate enemies and a way for people, unknown and without merit, to gain 5 seconds of popularity in Internet. Opportunists of and simply took advantage of that.

La cultura del linchamiento 

Thank you, RMS, for everything you have done these last four decades. Starting the GNU Project, pioneering the concept of copyleft, starting the entire free software movement. The world is a better place for having you in it. You didn't deserve what happened.

Richard #Stallman had an old dead friend accused of rape, Minsky (not Epstein), so he tried to defend him. "News" sites started attacking him instead, telling lies about him. People started a witchhunt, they ruined his life, he was forced to resign from #FSF (that he founded). He did not defend rape nor pedophilia.

He did a big protest against the invasion of #privacy and #surveillance, that made him vulnerable. He tried to have a conversation about important issues, but SJWs at the head of "news" sites disagreed with his opinions, and decided to kill him. People with pitchforks jumped on "news" headlines. They brought up previous mistakes of #RMS, many of which are not true, and decided that ruining his life was okay because of it.

The #internet is fucked. If you have an unpopular opinion, people can ruin your life. #SJW cunts at online newspapers target individuals they disagree with. SJWs working in tech can ruin technologies with their propaganda. Explore privacy/anonymity/decentralized/free speech/SJW-free alternatives to the major building blocks of the internet!

@dialyzer So well put..

RMS goes against the profits big companies stand to make when anonymity , decentrality and privacy are burnt at the altar of egalitarian equalism

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