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your pocket friend

Oh my word I forgot how slow spindles are

Still need to get around to setting up my own Mastodon instance

I really dislike that avatars are animated

We have now restored the sun to its normal functioning state. Maintenance was carried out successfully and we anticipate no lingering problems or further downtime. However, please report any experiences of dimness, flickering, altered color balance or other solar phenomena promptly so we may address any issues.


Domain registrars for the irritation lords.

Is Amaroq still the best iOS app?

Ignorance can be on a lot of axes. Ignorance of the correct patterns, ignorance of the correct language, ignorance that the language being used is considered "bad"

SO it's important to talk about the function of contempt culture in technology and how we construct cultures built on exclusivity and fear. We are positioned as having to know the right knowledge, because ignorance means that we aren't "real".

This feels a lot like early Twitter. Discovery is hard, but everything feels so personal and endearing.

Need more cool folks to follow, yo

My entire life is very computer these days.

Writing Terraform, as you do. Tonight I'll be writing blog content about writing Terraform. Whee.

Need more cool folk to follow on here!