I'm plugging Cloud Island because I love the idea of a federation of systems each sustainably funded and run locally by trusted and competent admins; Cloud Island is run by @aurynn, whom I know and trust, and is hosted entirely in NZ a few dozen fibre-milliseconds from me.

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Okay so the whole *gestures* world stuff has kind of seriously impacted my business and income.

If you know of anyone looking for the following:
- Designing cloud infrastructure
- Writing and updating Terraform around cloud infrastructure
- Solutions architecture, aka why are we building this way
- Building devops processes in teams

Could you put me in touch ? I'd really appreciate it!

Plz boost!

Hey, just published a great article on how I design and implement infrastructure, and how that shaped Cloud Island.

Check it out!


Toot! v1.13 is now out!


The main new feature in this release is a new screen for direct messages (finally!), and an (optional) floating bubble system for direct messages. Also a bunch of smaller tweaks and bug fixes.

This movie is more uncomfortable than I remembered it being

Especially in light of world events

Hey friends!
I don't know if you saw, but I'm moving my account to @aurynn. Follow me there! 😄

Also, I've been struggling with the cultural devaluation of ops and how that impacts whether or not I'm viewing my contributions here as valuable.

The big realisation that I've kinda finally had the last couple of days:

Federation doesn't exist unless people run the software.

Today, and the last 6 weeks that led to today, have been an awful lot.

I did a lot of very hard work to get here.

I'm struggling with feeling like that work was meaningful, or the right work to do.


I have a thing now. It's my thing. It's our thing.

I know what happens next.

But for now I really want to sleep.

If you have an Android app recommendation, hmu and I'll boost it

@Gargron hey I'm seeing outbound follow requests failing from my instance; what should I look at to debug this?

@nightpool Hey I just fired up cloudisland.nz and I saw some weirdness in my logs with one of my users interacting with one of yours. I'm p sure I misconfigured something, any pointers ?

@rey HYEYYYY I just started up cloudisland.nz - is there anything I've obviously misconfigured that'd break fedi?

Thank you all for your kind words and support as I've worked on this.

My instance is live.

Welcome to Cloud Island. A Mastodon instance for New Zealand.


well, I guess it's time for it to stop being Project NZ Mastodon

Well, federation works.

Project NZ Mastodon Alpha 1 is ... ready.

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