I’m now told that putting a k8s cluster into a private subnet “isn’t necessary” for ... reasons?

Kubernetes cluster is getting closer to “running as I want” so that’s positive

Currently reading Kubernetes documentation, as you do

Did some serious, stressful adulting today.

Looking for work, as well, if you know of anything.

Did you see that I wrote about how Conway's Law impacts our ability to internalise new solutions at an organisational level?

@JPEG also it looks like you haven’t been around lately - hope everything is okay and that you didn’t get harassed off the internet as a result of your correct stance on Gab

Okay gonna play Control today, and try to do some Project NZ Mastodon

Having ongoing mental health issues is really inconvenient

- sales meeting
- Going to work on Project NZ Mastodon's k8s cluster
- Going to write a proposal for business-grade Mastodon instances on AWS

Project NZ Mastodon has a finalised hero logo and branding concept. Building the brand icons and other such.

Gosh. Moving forward. I’m loving this art.

Can’t wait to announce and show you all.

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