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your pocket friend

I’m very much enjoying playing Rocksmith 2014. It’s such a good tool and it feels great to watch myself improve.

Pouring myself into a thing status: actually playing a huge amount of rocksmith now

Dark Souls 2: It's super ugly, until you get to the parts where they kept the torch mechanic, then it is suuuuuper good

though I am kinda overleveled at this point so it's a bit cakewalk-y

Today I learned about and it looks p cool

Needs far more notification options, like, NOT EMAIL, but is the sort of thing I’d like to have overall

Today my point on the femme/butch spectrum is:

could not be fucked brushing her hair

Birbsite: free software leadership reminds us that free software culture is toxic af

the culture that created the technology frames those future choices you get to make

there is literally no way to decouple that culture from the technology

It's a naive frame because

technology carries the politics of what forces to amplify within itself, it is based on the concepts of what forces are correct as defined by its creator

Technologies bind the choices you can make because what technologies you accept determine what future choices are possible or nonsensical

Any frame that posits that technology or software is neutral and does not impose choice on its users

is a naive frame and should be discarded

haha, in today news I have described myself as “canonically trans”