No one:

Me: you know it turns out that quote-tweets were actually a killer feature and the lack of them on Mastodon kind of hurts the ability to create positive conversations and commentaries around ideas and concepts and while I agree that there’s lots of opportunities for abuse I think that the fedi and strong moderation provides the means to prevent hate and hateful quote-toots from being the dominant form of diegesis in the community

To clarify:

Replies aren’t a good substitute because I don’t want to have a conversation with the person (I’d reply if I wanted to do that), I want to have a conversation and provide commentary about the idea in a broader audience.

@aurynn Yeah, especially since it's not as if assholes have qualms about replacing quote toots with screenshots and links.

@aurynn I don’t really think quote tweets facilitated positive conversations anymore than not having them would’ve, but absolutely added to the harassment

@FirstProgenitor Twitter’s cowardice made them a tool for harassment; the fedi has much better enforcement re: harassment

@aurynn from what I’ve seen, especially from large scale instances like rad town and dot social, they do almost no moderation on behavior that isn’t extreme

@FirstProgenitor okay so a refusal to engage with the needs of moderation also needs to be addressed. My instance is going to be for-pay-only for this reason.

@aurynn if you reply to a post without tagging the person you can do a "LRT: "

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