How do you fight depression and the constant anxiety of being a burden on those around you, and dealing with people getting angry at you for being down? I always feel like I'm the result of everyone around me being upset, and often am the cause for it. It's a very difficult feeling where there's usually no real way out. I tend to try divert my feelings into doing something creative with my time. Craving sleep and wishing the days away also seems to be all I do.

It's really hard to be someone people love or enjoy spending time with when you're suffering from depression and anxiety. Even harder when these issues aren't seen as 'real' and often tried to be distilled as being the cause of something else which they're trying to solve. There's no real way out, and it sucks.


@JPEG this is a huge mood that I experience regularly. I can DM a bunch of the stuff that therapy has helped me build up if you want?

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