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Well, federation works.

Project NZ Mastodon Alpha 1 is ... ready.

okay weird I *can* generate invite links but the "invite" in the settings isn't there.


I've added all the domain blocks from


I need to figure out how to add all these blocked domains now


it's running.

nginx is serving the static assets,

uploads are hitting the cloud object store and serving out of that

I guess I can enable the service and move on to the next part

Okay so will probably have this thing online about 5pm. Maybe. We’ll see.

mail handling is a go

down to ... uploading the art, really

I have 5k LOC of Terraform to bring up Project NZ Mastodon.

That's a *lot* of Terraform.

Today in Project NZ Mastodon:

- Get a new project set up for this in Openstack
- Stand up the entire instance
- Set up the email addresses and routing
- Set up Fastly
- Set up smtp2go
- Enable global HTTP in.
- Push "launch" on Patreon
- ... Publicize.

What's remaining in Project NZ Mastodon:
- Fire up the full stack w/ the offical name
- Fastly configuration
- Email relay
- Create Patreon page
- ... announce

Okay so I have all the foundational documents for Project NZ Mastodon together.

Writing up:
- The short server description
- The API server description
- The "sorry open signups are disabled" text
- The Patreon page text

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