People in the US look to Nazi Germany as the modern example of fascism. People need not look so far (~Rowan Wolf). - 2/2

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"In many ways the US has always had close ties to fascism. The cultural theses of exclusivity, superiority, and racism make the US particularly susceptible. That is why democracy is an ongoing struggle and not a done deal. The public has been rallied over and over to join together to fight for “freedom” and “liberty.” Repeatedly, those struggles have been oppression of others for the benefit of “America,” and particularly certain “Americans.”
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My surround sound guy is downstairs completing the job he started last week. I had to get an RCA adapter. Anyway, he’s now 35 minutes into something he told me he could walk me through in ten minutes over the phone.

'Lovely' (Part 1/2)
#poetry #TashPoetry #writing

Oh, she has a lovely face,
and a wisp of a lilt,
when she feels like conversing
on our sometimes Sunday mornings.

She always asks after my father
who doesn't remember
while I recalled how it was
it was to burn down
a cigarette, until
I can no longer onto hold it.

'Angel, There'

Angels rarely return
when asked,
even when absolved.

Prayer never stopped
your wondering;
never healed your wounds.

This is the truth, as blunt
as the word of God:
There are no wings, save your own.

Take your penance
and your flight.

Too light to touch the dirt.
Too high to feel the hurt.

#poetry #TashPoetry #writing
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