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Dear , can we stop with the "former soviet Republic" please? With all due respect to a former Roman province.

Is there any client-app, that is able to interact with server using #activitypub client-to-server spec? Excluding those which use Mastodon API. Also, what could goes wrong, if trying to use activitypub server-to-server and #micropubas client-to-server API, at same time ? And what could be alternative of micropub in this case, meaning client-to-server protocol, appropriate for social network, and which already have implemented client apps.
Considering how to create self-governing pod, based on #stellar token. The idea is that when deploying, pod will programmatically create issuing and distribution account, emit limited number of tokens (and lock issuing account after it), and put tokens for sale. Then participants buys that tokens, creates accounts on pod and add their stellar public keys to profiles. After it, any user could initiate governing issue, like assigning pod moderators, or initiate payment (for example for hosting) from distribution account, and all participants will be able to vote. Pod will fetch participant's balances from horizon, and the vote weight will be equal to number of pod tokens at participant’s stellar wallet.
The questions are, how to verify that certain user is owner of stellar wallet, as he mentioned in profile. And how to avoid issue, that server admin could launch deployment process once again, and switch pod governing to newly generated token
Also could be discussed at github
Started to implement #blogging UI extension for PubGate federator, with local and federated timelines for now) Extension repo on github . Demo available at
Every respectful #Balkan country hurry to be proud of Nikola# Tesla. Because he is their guy. #Croatia, #Montenegro, #Albania, #Serbia, #Bosnia and even #Macedonia are pretending to own this guy.
What do you think, who have right to name him as "our guy"? Maybe #physics?

#Tesla #eurotrip2018 #coliving #Xatarsis #digitalnomad #laptoplifestyle

9th of October 2018, Amsterdam, Netherlands #Bitnation has issued Vienna Convention compliant #passport (ICAO and ISO/IEC 7810 ID-3 standard and machine readable) to the public, ambassadors and core team members to allow users to travel as they work with nations and communities looking to assert #sovereignty. The passports are recorded on the #Ethereum blockchain and use the Bitnation Jurisdiction app’s Public Key as a unique identifier.

"Learn Albanian", - they said. Why, if they are l learning Russian. Not now, but in the past, like every country under the pressure of Soviet Union. We saw their old movies - very very soviet, comrade.
It's modern architecture looks pretty Asian with it chaotic strange buildings, street food and shops, and streets in general. But not they much people around and much colder. You can find some land unoccupied by people. And it is pretty beautiful. We've seen black mountains here, in difference with Montenegro. Wild beaches. Misty forests. Hunting for the nature beauties here is very profitable. And cities... Well, they are pretty cheap. And it's good if you want to stay or refill supply's. The only expensive things around is gasoline.
By the way local drive mostly Mercedes. They work in Italy pretty often and probably concert their money into that. If so, it's long to wait Albania to become rich and prosper. But who needs it, right. 😒

#coliving #Xatarsis #overview #Albania #hardlife #digitalnomad #laptoplifestyle #roadtrip
@autogestion A month or two ago I visited the site and at last found out, which exactly features are REQUIRED for a client app to formally declare its support of #ActivityPub.
I've added "Client discovers the URL of a user's outbox from their profile" already, working on other features. What's most important is that internal data model of #AndStatus is already compatible with #ActivityPub, I hope :-)
The only hard part to implement is compatible OAUTH (AndStatus supports two variants of OAuth, but it looks like I will need the third for ActivityPub...)
After completion of the REQUIRED features I will create the new "ActivityPub" Social Network Type (in addition to the three existing) and will start actual testing...
Unfortunately, I don't see any working _real_ (not a toy) server with Client to Server layer support, where I could register as a user and test my client app ;-(
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