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"Learn Albanian", - they said. Why, if they are l learning Russian. Not now, but in the past, like every country under the pressure of Soviet Union. We saw their old movies - very very soviet, comrade.
It's modern architecture looks pretty Asian with it chaotic strange buildings, street food and shops, and streets in general. But not they much people around and much colder. You can find some land unoccupied by people. And it is pretty beautiful. We've seen black mountains here, in difference with Montenegro. Wild beaches. Misty forests. Hunting for the nature beauties here is very profitable. And cities... Well, they are pretty cheap. And it's good if you want to stay or refill supply's. The only expensive things around is gasoline.
By the way local drive mostly Mercedes. They work in Italy pretty often and probably concert their money into that. If so, it's long to wait Albania to become rich and prosper. But who needs it, right. 😒

#coliving #Xatarsis #overview #Albania #hardlife #digitalnomad #laptoplifestyle #roadtrip
Thanks to @Lalartu, activitypub #rssbot now parse tags, and converts images from posts to attachments.
@autogestion A month or two ago I visited the site and at last found out, which exactly features are REQUIRED for a client app to formally declare its support of #ActivityPub.
I've added "Client discovers the URL of a user's outbox from their profile" already, working on other features. What's most important is that internal data model of #AndStatus is already compatible with #ActivityPub, I hope :-)
The only hard part to implement is compatible OAUTH (AndStatus supports two variants of OAuth, but it looks like I will need the third for ActivityPub...)
After completion of the REQUIRED features I will create the new "ActivityPub" Social Network Type (in addition to the three existing) and will start actual testing...
Unfortunately, I don't see any working _real_ (not a toy) server with Client to Server layer support, where I could register as a user and test my client app ;-(

Could you specify what is wrong with this object ?
When trying to post it to , it returns 500 error. For mastodon, it's ok

Is a webmaster publishing their website on the InterPlanetary FileSystem an InterPlanetaryMaster? #IPFS

When traveling by car, events are going away not only in time, but in space too. Like you remember something happened, and there is already 100km between you and this, and you can feel that distance increasing, while staring in the window. And it changes perception of this events, like you don't stockpile them inside, but leave behind as traces

Lightweight rssbot, based on pubgate federator .
Handles replies, could be deployed on 2$ hosting, like scaleway. Bot example @xatarsis .
#activitypub #python #rssbot #pubgate

@kaniini is there somewhere I can read the current status of #LitePub (or the spec, if it's published in any form?)

I've only followed along cursory, and I'd like to have a better understanding of it - and neither duckduckgo or google gives me anything of value.

Co-living us the place to solve the problem - how to deal with relationships. Any kind of close communications could be problematic with time - initial enthusiasm fading, daily problems growing. Here we are searching for good theoretical model to explain this kind of interactions and practical solutions for that.

If you are curious about this stuff - subscribe, comment or join us to support our work.

So, our theory so far in two words is following:
Between people there is emotional account [friendship account]. When you do something you put out take from this account. For example you bring a gift to friend - this is investment. You ask friend for a favor - the is withdrawing. Both sides knows about state of this account (more or less adequate). Relationships are stable when balance of investments and withdrawal is equal.
If it unbalanced then people in relationship start to feel disappointment.

1. State of balance and amount of investments not always seem clearly. Also communication problems
2. Currencies that put on the balance could be different. Anyy people value then in different ways.
3. Expectations, how fast account can be refilled or empty matter.

How to work with this situation and what kind of currency - soon.

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