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Now, working on #activitypub js browser client, using #svelte framework. And when rendering for example outbox, and encount Announce activity, client sould fetch announced object details from corresponding instance, to render Note. And when trying to fetch it from #mastodon instance, client gets blocked by CORS policy, and fails to render. So the queistion is, should activitypub servers disable CORS, to let browser clients to do their job, according to spec.
client repo , same old philip)

This is pretty neat

Hopefully it helps people develop new OSM applications since they won't have to worry about maintaining access to the map data for their users.

I got #pubgate + telegram extension working.

Rough around the edges, but promising.

I paid my dentist with #Bitcoin (Ukraine)

I changed the dentist. I had a visit today, after which I had to pay cash. But I forgot to withdraw the cash, and my new dentist does not use any banks. I jokingly said: "I wish I could pay with Bitcoin".

He heard something about Bitcoin, said that his brother once had 10 #BTC.

He asked how he could earn Bitcoin. I answered that as well as the dollar, euro or hryvnia (Ukrainian currency) and offered him to pay for his work in Bitcoin. He agreed.

So, to be compliant with EU laws, "Announce" activity in should be replaced with "RequestOwnerOnSharePossibility" activity. And "Boost" button should be renamed too

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