Matrix Telegram bridge

We're now hosting a bridge between our #Matrixserver and #Telegram.
While due to the way the bridging works, some advanced functionality like read receipts and typing notifications is only available for users on the #Feneashomeserver, most of the functionality is available to any Matrix user in the wide network. By hosting a public bridge we hope to help a bit with the weight #t2botis currently pulling.
More information and usage instructions in our forum:


is there already existing public Telegram group (related to fediverse) which is bridged to matrix ?

@autogestion Not known to us at least!

We've not yet created a counterpart to our chat room on the Telegram side, mainly as no one has asked for it. Would that be useful?
@autogestion We've started a poll in the room to see what people think, will let you know 👍
@autogestion There was more in terms of discussion than votes. The votes we're 3 for, 1 against (see!XTcFGXYoSwwJPindt… + 1 vote in comments for).

The discussion was more intensive than the voting. I'll submit to the committee to make the final decision.
@autogestion Hey we did it! You can now join at - see you in the chat :)
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