A documentary from 2001 about Japanese culture.

'So this is a mobile phone, right?..
And it takes pictures, is that right?..
Why would you take photographs with a mobile phone?'

That's a cam stuck in its side. I didn't even know those existed 😲

Well, my difficult audience, nobody liked the latest eye picture, how do you feel about this one?

"Extradition (n): A tradition that has lost its relevance over time"

(and other profound observations I come across in my notebooks)

🎞️ : Das Schwarze Quadrat / The Black Square

Silly German slapstick. Keep in mind for the next time you're in the mood for giggles, here's the trailer:


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Is there maybe by any chance someone who has an (old) telescope somewhere and wants to donate it to a star loving mega fan without one..? :blobcateyesblush: :blobcatspace: 🔭 ✋

Not sure why I'm so astonished but check out Dan Jones' arm! 😲

Unexpected consequences of international differences in footwear measurements:

Just realised that Prince goes "Act your age, not your shoe size." Wondered what was wrong with acting 38. Turns out they have different shoe sizes in the US so that would be five or six or something.

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🚨 This is a call for bright ideas! 🚨

If you are 18-25 years old, Commissioner @McGuinnessEU wants to hear YOUR vision for the future of finance.

Grab your mobile, record a 60s video and share it with #MyFutureFinance by 8 July to win a trip to Brussels to discuss your ideas!

🐦🔗: nitter.eu/EU_Finance/status/15

Went to after a long hiatus, was promptly reminded what's so frustrating about it. Instead of encouraging arists, everybody rewards aggregators.

People fume about corporate exploitation, then throw their collective weight behind accounts that repost pictures, with the creator's name buried in the depths along with "no copyright infringement intended," instead of supporting the actual artists ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

This gem starring Sir Patrick Stewart is making the rounds. Thought it was just released, turns out it's from 2016. Anyway, enjoy.


Is it just me or does everyone get exclusively US newspaper headlines in the 'News' tab in 'Explore'? Can't find it in the settings but surely the devs didn't just choose a country at random to keep everyone updated about?

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the wikipedia page on "crawling" includes a list of the 11 reasons you might crawl around

S/o to YouTube, which paused a 12-hour sleep music video after 40 minutes to ask if I was still listening.

Eyes, eyes, baby... With actual highlights on top: couldn't resist 😎 Inching towards

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